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Chun Seh Dau

Styles of Kung Fu

School Of Shaolin Kung Fu

"The Hard, the Light, the Soft, the Bright; The Many Faceted Way"

To every Kwoon, it's own Master and to every Master, their own way.

rGrandMaster in full flight

From the specks of an ember 
a furnace to fire,
For those who dare to dream of a stream 
full of dragon fire.

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Styles of Kung Fu

Please Note: Chun Seh Dau School of Shaolin Kung Fu is NOT a Shaolin Temple nor does it or has it ever professed to be a Shaolin Temple. We are devoted entirely to the practice and study of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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All of our instructors are fully certified, licensed and insured by the BCCMA: British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.


The BCCMA are the Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts in the UK and are rocognised UK Sports Council, European WUSHU Feberation and International WUSHU Feberation.

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